SAS Global, Inc. is a worldwide company

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SAS Global, Inc. is a worldwide company that specializes in providing antimicrobial solutions for the surfaces and textiles that are common to our world. SAS Global Inc. is involved in the production, distribution, sales, and services of these solutions. SAS Global Inc. is not just a name, this is truly a company with a global footprint. They have established offices in New York, Florida, Georgia, and Kentucky. Additionally, the company has laboratories based out of Midland, Michigan. SAS Global, Inc.’s Group of Company portfolio is diverse and serves a variety of industries, including education, healthcare, athletics, hospitality, construction, animal health, and healthcare.

SAS Global, Inc. is a family of antimicrobial products that has more than thirty years of history with safe and effective use in other industries. Their products are water-based, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic. The SAS Shield technology has been proven to reduce microbial growth on surfaces and fabrics in order to improve and prolong the life of products and facilities in the long run. The Antimicrobial products developed by SAS Global, Inc. have the ability to control the growth of microorganisms, slow the deterioration of surfaces, and reduce the odors and stains that go along with microbial issues. This makes the SAS Shield technology one of the premier antimicrobial systems.

The goal at SAS Global, Inc. is to provide the world with the highest quality antimicrobial products that are available technologically. This is offered as a solution to fighting the problems that arise from microbial growth, staining, odors, and destruction of surfaces. SAS Global Inc., was founded as a small firm that was family-owned. The principles of quality, affordability, service, and safety were important at the time of founding and they maintain their importance today. These principles have brought SAS Global, Inc. to the pinnacle of the industry and will continue to be a core element of what has made the company successful.

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